A web platform that you can create
custom machine learning models.
No expertise or coding required.

Datamarkin web platform

What is Datamarkin?

Datamarkin is a web-based, drag & drop tool that makes
creating machine learning models easy on cloud.


No expertise or coding required.
Better agility, reduced cost, increased productivity.

on cloud

On cloud
Datamarkin works on secure cloud. You don't need expensive and complicated hardware.


Model traning time is way faster than your local pc.

drag and drop

Drag & drop
Easy to use drag&drop tool to manage your datasets.


High accuracy
Super smart algorithms learns from your images adapts the training algorithm accordingly.


Ship anywhere
You can export your model to a variety of industry standard formats.

What can I use to teach it?

From simple apps to complicated workflows, everything you need is datamarkin.

Object detection

Object detection

Locate and identify objects inside of images.

Image classification

Image classification

Label images based on their content.

Facial keypoint detection

Keypoint detection

Get coordinates of important points of images.

Best universities trust Datamarkin

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Aix-Marseille Université
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University of Oxford
Nazli training machine learning model

Want to learn more?

Datamarkin web platform is a closed beta for now. We hope to release first version very soon.

Meanwhile you can get in touch with us for your model needs. Send us some sample data and lets see what can we do for you.

Model export

Datamarkin supports a variety of model formats:

openvino logo

Openvino for across Intel hardware.
tensorflow logo

TensorFlow SavedModel for Python applications
tensorflowjs logo

TensorFlow.js for browser-based web applications.
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TensorFlow Lite for android and IoT apps.
core ml logo

Core ML to develop iOS, iPad, and Mac apps.
image model traning

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